“I’m studying fashion, not a designer though. I like dressing and styling people. I want to start my career in Hong Kong.”

“What’s the hardest thing about fashion?”

“Fashion? The hardest thing about fashion is the person, not the fashion. It’s the person you have to dress. They pay for you to dress them, so you are the one that is stressed and under pressure. You have to think about how to get the best deal, the best dress, the best look, and dress the person. If they don’t like it, or if other people start talking badly about them, then you’ll lose them as a client. When you lose one client, it’s never really just one person but all other people that could have been a client.”

“Most of the time what I hear from my dad is ‘Improve your grades at school.’ or ‘Put more effort into life.’ Theres nothing about school that I hate. I just find it very difficult to motivate myself to put the effort into studying. I get sidetracked too much. There’s just no instant reward. I get distracted by anything and everything. for example, if there’s a book lying next to my desk, I’ll think it looks more interesting than what I’m doing now."