“When I first came to Hong Kong it was 1967. I was on a ship on my way to London and then I didn’t come back until 2001. So that was 34 years later, and I was astonished. Because when I was here in ‘67 on my way to London, I could have sworn they couldn’t build up another building. And when I came in 2001, I thought, they’ve put up 10 times, 20 times more buildings, and in the 12 years since then, even more." 

“How’s the company that you’re at right now?”

“Everything is great, we’re growing. We’ve doubled the workforce and opened three new offices.”

“What’s the best part of working at the start-up right now?”

“I’m pretty much my own boss.”

“What about the worst part?”

“That I’m my own boss. I just wish sometimes I could ask someone ‘How do you do this?’.”