“I’m a nurse. I finished my PM shift at 9pm yesterday and actually came here to supply some equipment for my colleagues. But then the police just stood here and stopped me from going in. I told them I just wanted to put the stuff down and go home, but they said ‘No, you cant do this.’

I asked why, because I just wanted to help. Then they said, ‘Because if you go in, I can’t guarantee that you’ll make it back out.’ 

I told them it’s okay, and that I don’t care, but they just wouldn’t let me in.

What happened next is that they called more police to come and help. Twenty more police came just to stand towards me and my friend. People behind me were telling the police ‘They are nurses, they are helping us. Why don’t you let them go in?’

Then more and more people started arguing with the police. The police then said that if we kept on arguing and standing here, they would throw the tear gas at us. So I backed off, and went down to the MTR station where there was a first aid station. 

A few minutes later, tons of people ran down to the station for help. I could smell and feel the smoke.”

“I think Hong Kong people want to be peaceful and to make it very…in-order. But, we won’t just sit here and wait for them to attack us. Sometimes we might have to do some actions like block the streets. But still, we didn’t destroy anything. We have ten thousand – or even fifty thousand people coming, but no reports on the damage of any shops and government facilities. All of us are trying to make it in order, keep the place clean, and reduce the opportunity of violence, but I don’t know why the Hong Kong government is still giving us a response like this. I think they are trying to make us more angry, to make us to do something wrong or illegal. I want to say that Hong Kong people wont do that."