Hi everyone! It was a few years ago when I was inspired by HONY (Humans of New York) and thought I’d create a site for Hong Kong. The project gained quite a bit of traction and support, so thank you for that! I enjoyed every minute of working on Humans of Hong Kong, but unfortunately I had to put a pause on it. 

Ever since my longer-than-intended break, I’ve been getting continuous messages asking when I would start it up again. Well, with the new year right around the corner I thought it’d be a perfect time to bring this project back to life again, and this time I’ll need some help.

I’m looking for someone who is passionate about story telling, ideally someone with experience in portrait photography, and can speak English and preferably Cantonese.

The city is bustling and there are a ton of stories waiting to be told. If you’re interested, send me an email at maxwelldhsu@gmail.com with a short intro about yourself and a link to your portfolio. 


“I’m studying Spanish. I like languages. I love different kind of languages.”

“Why do you like languages so much?" 

"I like communicating with others. I think that is the way you can know other people more and connect with others. Language is the most basic thing that we use. Maybe body language is okay, but I rather speak because I can express what I feel. I just want the emotions in the sentences. I think it’s the best way for people to know what I’m feeling.”