“What’s something you’re currently struggling with?”

“I’m working at a design company, and I just feel very limited.”

“What do you not like about the design company?”

“When you have a client, they always have a lot of requirements. But you really think some options are not suitable, and you give them choices that really perfect and suitable for them, but they don’t even read it. They just think, ‘oh that’s not my thing, please change it’. I just want to get out of it.”

“What’s your dream job?”

“I plan to study more and try to build my company.”

“What’s your company going to be?”

“It’s going to be a product design company. I’m actually studying architecture right now. I love architecture and deign, but just the boundaries right now are too limited. It drives me crazy.” 

“So it’s best to have your own company, and have no boundaries, right?”

“I want to teach all the people what they should think when it comes to design, because everyone is going the wrong way right now. I want to try to find a way to fix that.”

“Before I was in fashion. I would make clothes.”

“Did you design or make the clothes?”

“I made the clothes. I cut some clothes, so i know the materials very well. I know what can be washed and what can’t be washed." 

"Is this your shop?”

“It’s my friends, but they moved to Canada. They wanted to come back, but they now have children, so I handle it here, for about 10 years.”

“What’s the happiest moment of your life?”

“You know, I enjoy it, everything.”

 "There’s not one moment?“

"Well there is one thing. I have a lot of customers that come over here. When they remember me and come and see me, I’m so happy. I have one customer, more than 10 years, gone already,  but he comes back to visit me. So I really appreciate it when they come see me, help me. I’m very happy about that.”

“Do you remember a specific moment, a time in your life when you weren’t happy?”

 "My family changed. My dad, my mom, very quick, very short time, both passed away. And then I was sick. I had cancer, but I cut it out. The moment after that, I enjoyed everything.  I’m very happy about life.“